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You can make the complete 90 day supply of jars or mylar bag dinners, or just a few of your favorite dinners.

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For additional food storage recipes visit PeaceofPreparedness.com

With creativity and variety of ingredients, food storage dinners can be not only tasty but delightful, quick and easy everyday fare on your dinner table. 

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Dinner Is In The Jar is the result of Kathy Clark's efforts to use and rotate her food storage items.  With time, practice and experimentation, her family was asking for food storage dinners!

With the Dinner Is In The Jar book, you have all you need to know to make the pre-made meal mixes yourself. 

 Make your food storage what it should be!

For additional emergency preparation and food storage ideas visit PeaceofPreparedness.com

Where Do I Get This Stuff?

The following sites offer a large selection of dry food storage ingredients along with other emergency preparation products (presented in alphabetical order):

Ingredients Used in the Recipes

Click here for an alphabetical list of the ingredients for the mixes in Dinner Is In The Jar.